Want to vacation in Costa Rica, “the country where nature is culture” or in Central America? We will help you finding the best car for your itinerary according to your tastes and wishes, and make sure to give you the best during your stay in Costa Rica. Our Rent a Car agency in Alajuela is made up of passionate advisers, they will offer you a customized car for a sustainable, sensitive, authentic, responsible and ecological tourism Vacation…



Choose a Costa Rica car rental company not only knows the area but have the experience to provide the best service possible.

Costa Rica Rent Car CompanyAuto rental in Costa Rica is easy, inexpensive and trustable, a great choice to have freedom on your holidays. Vacation, business travel, honeymoons and even weddings, car rental is common and one of the easiest ways to find comfort; even monthly car rental rates are friendly in Costa Rica car rents, Costa Rica car dealers usually don’t rent cars; they only sell them.

Costa Rica may be a small country but it does have rules and policies for driving, police officers are allowed and will perform alcohol tests on drivers, if exceeded, the car will be confiscated by the authorities and you will have to pay a fine; vehicle passengers have to wear a seat belt.

Pull over if a police…

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Bachelor Party Planning Strаtegies

Replacing the mat, desert valley with a vast sea of vegetation, vast rainforests of Costa Rica help put a little more of a visual stimulus of what Las Vegas has to offer. It also does not hurt the country repertoire most accommodations bachelor Bay, which come in the form of expansive villas and mansions overlook the pleasant and open fields beautiful landscape vegetation or inviting crystal clear ocean waters Pacific – a fact that Vegas can only be combated with expensive penthouses overlooking the rest of the concrete jungle and nearby artificial lake


Costa Rica Bachelor Party

Sо  you want  tо  host a bachelor party but rеally  dоn’t  knоw  where to start? No рrоblem.  Bachelоr  party plаnning  isn’t that  difficult іf  you keep the  followіng  іnfоrmatіоn  іn  mind  whilе  planning уоur  party.

Thе  bachelor  party iѕ  traditionallу  organіzed  by thе  Best Man.  {It}  іs  his responsibility  to see thе  party is оne  thе  groom wіll  enjoу  and will  remember for  a long  tіmе  but alsо  one that the bridе-to-bе  іs  happy wіth.  Just  Rеmеmbеr:  The bachеlor  pаrty  is  for  the groom,  not the persоn  giving  the рartу.  {In}  other wordѕ,  remember  the  likes аnd  dіslіkes  of  thе  groom  whеn  plаnning  the pаrtу.  Yоu  shоuld  disсuss  with him  whаt  he wоuld  like  and whаt  he definitely  doesn’t want before mаkіng  any definite  рlans.
Costa Rica Bachelor Party
You will  alѕo  need  to  discuss  with the groom  what datеs  wоuld  be gооd  for him. The …

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Fishing Costa Rica Jaco

If you we are in the market for a fishing trip by yourself or with family or friends, we are proud to be affiliated with fishing expert with more experience in Costa Rica. We offer door to door service from arrival to departure for Costa Rica hotels, transportation and other requests you may have. Our expert knows any good captain and boat in the country and its fifteen years of experience in booking fishing packages in Costa Rica is a testament to their expertise and dedication. So if fishing is your goal, this is what they actually do for you, featuring a custom package tailored to your specific needs and requirements. Visit us at

Costa Rica Fishing Jaco

Costa Rica offers the best deep sea fishing in the world. Los Suenos Fishing is the main tourist destination of sport fishing in Costa Rica .. operation of the boat, marlin, tuna, dorado, wahoo and tarpon fishing.
My name is Rodríguez Bolívar. I live and work full time in Costa Rica. He was making a successful break saltwater fishing and sport fishing packages for the past 8 years. I do not own a boat, so I do reserve where fishing is best. As a result, he had thousands of satisfied customers.
For six years, I wrote a weekly column on fishing Tico Times, the largest English-language newspaper in Central America. For this reason, I know virtually captains, boats, hotels and all camps in Costa Rica sport fishing firsthand. Immediately when and where fish, sailfish, marlin, tuna, tarpon, etc. biting, and captains are more successful.